The New Standard in Building Blocks

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The Samobi Block is an Interlocking Construction Block or Modular Concrete Block with approved International Patents in the U.S.A., Philippines and Mexico.

The system is mortar and plasterless and guarantees to be non-labor intensive. With Samobi, building walls and floors is now made easier, faster, simpler and more affordable.

Samobi Block is a product of Biadora Block Philippines, Inc.

Read More about the Inventor: Salvador Biadora

What is it?

Samobi Block offers solutions in residential and commercial building constructions, including fencing construction. Its creation is a breakthrough in modern building technology. This innovative product provides a modular approach for structurally sound interior and exterior walls and floors.

How it works?

Samobi Block installation starts with preparing and moving the blocks into the jobsite. These are then simply stacked and bolted into place with the tongue and groove feature that is provided for interlocking stability. Blocks are then secured with either bolts, nuts or welding.

How much does it cost?

It is designed to facilitate fast, simple and easy construction, the Samobi Block System construction is, at a minimum (25%) more affordable than the typical construction methods employed in today's residential and commercial buildings.  End-users will appreciate the acquisition cost and life-cycle cost.


Here are just few of the cost benefits of building and using Samobi Block:

Easy installation for lower labor cost

Energy efficient, easy to heat and cool for low monthly costs

Resistant to severe weather, fire, windfire, heat, cold and wind

Mortarless, faster installation means lower labor costs

Made with durable reinforced concrete


Building Green

Making use of Samobi Block for home-buildings with concrete means using less energy to help lower greenhouse gas emissions. 

It is more environment-friendly compared to other traditional home-building methods.

Economical to build

The Samobi Block Concrete Wall System is a non-intensive labor technology that may be used in many other countries to help solve housing shortages due to various global developments.

Design options and usage


Commercial & Residential Buildings


Fencing, Storage, Garage Enclosure




Floor, Pavement, Pathwalk


Plant Box, Benches, BBQ Stand


Open Canal, Grease Trap, Catch Basin

Save on construction costs with Samobi Block

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